Teddy Goes For a Swim

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Campaign snapshot

In a bid to promote Belling’s Sensicare laundry products, whilst also helping parents deal with teddy-related traumas from their children, we created Teddy Goes for a Swim, a children’s picture-book aimed at teaching kids that teddy going for a wash isn’t such a bad thing.

How we did it

To create this campaign, we worked with award-winning illustrator Steve Smallman (The Lamb That Came To Dinner, Don’t Wake The Bear, Hare!), who brought Teddy to life.

The book was uploaded to iBooks, and offered for free via the belling website, driving traffic to the site, and selected home laundry centres gave away copies of the book plus a soft toy version of the Belling Bear with purchases of Belling Sensicare appliances – an added bonus to drive sales.

Lastly, to capture the attention of schools and the local press, we ran a social competition for a primary school to win an illustration class by illustrator Steve Smallman.

Teddy Goes For A Swim Belling Adrian Johnson
Teddy Goes For A Swim Belling Adrian Johnson

The results

An award-winning campaign to generate brand awareness among young families, the ‘Teddy Goes For A Swim’ children’s story book both helped prevent separation anxiety when it was time for the toys to be washed, and also generated press coverage, created a school outreach hook and a retailer engagement tool, and provided a bank of digital and social media content.

The campaign exceeded all of its objectives, and the book and related content now exist as a legacy piece that can be used as POS, website, and social media content going forward.

Campaign highlights


books given away via schools, retailers and social media


independent retailers adopted the campaign, including AO


Gold Awards at CIPR Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Awards