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Project snapshot

Umpf were tasked with helping to develop the London Recycles campaign, aiming to make it recognisable by every Londoner, no matter where they live in the capital and to provide a consistent look-and-feel to help with confusion caused by a myriad of different waste and recycling services across the city. Establishing that the website will be primarily used mainly as a reference guide, the aim was to make the new site clear, concise and intuitive.

How we did it

Our initial thought for the creative direction was to use a mixture of iconography and photography to communicate and visualise information. We established a style of branded iconography for different waste services to help form and develop a coherent and informative user-journey.

To improve access to content, we created a quick search option on the homepage that accessed a comprehensive database of recyclable items. We also made the search functionality more intuitive, providing users with real-time suggestive search results.

Meaningful impact

Taking into consideration the consumer focus of the site and content included, we focused primarily on a mobile first approach, scaling the design to larger screen widths. Using a combination of recognised and tested UX / UI principles, we created a seamless, engaging and interactive experience for all visitors.

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