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Studio Stew #9

September 17, 2018 in Creative Roundup

Studio Stew is a round-up of all things creative. A mixing pot of recent magic from the worlds of design and marketing to digital and PPC. #StudioStew

Uber rebrands… again


Ride-hailing app Uber has unveiled a rebrand just two years after its last effort to polish up the businesses image.

The full rebrand includes a new logo, which steers away from the previously all-caps style, with a custom designed typeface. The new appearance will replace all of the current icons, including in app, online and the company’s Twitter account.

The same lower-case look using the new Uber Move font will also extend to the Uber Eats division. The branding champions the capitalised ‘U’, ensuring that it remains recognisable, and the jet-black backdrop remains.

An Uber spokesperson said: “We’re excited to unveil a new, simplified logo for the Uber app that brings back the U, is easily recognisable, and is scalable across the 660 plus cities we serve.”

The redesign, which took nine months to create, was aided by brand consultancy Wolff Olins and type foundry MCKL.

Do a bit of Debenhams

Following a difficult financial year, department store chain Debenhams has revealed a fresh new look and marketing campaign.

Created by Mother Design, the redesigned visual identity aims to bring a “modern and approachable twist” to the store’s 200-year heritage. The ‘Debenhams’ name is presented in a custom, sans-serif typeface derived from SangBleu.


Kirsty Minns, creative director at Mother Design, says: “The typeface was chosen because of its bold, proud structure and dynamic personality, as it has hybrid characteristics of both sans-serif and serif typefaces.”

The new logo is joined by a new tagline – “do a bit of Debenhams” – which is part of a wider campaign to “reclaim the joy of shopping”. The campaign includes a suite of posters which will appear digitally, across social media and as print in magazines and newspapers.


The new branding follows a tricky period for Debenhams which saw pre-tax profits sink roughly 84% in the 26 weeks up to 3 March this year compared to the same period the previous year, according to BBC reports. The rebrand forms part of the wider Debenhams Redesigned strategy which hopes to “reinvent the shopping experience for customers”.

YouTube embraces vertical video… ads

YouTube looks set to embrace vertical video ads, allowing brands to “provide a more seamless mobile experience” for viewers.

Advertisers will now be able to buy space that fills a users’ screen when they are using the YouTube mobile app, similar to the ads served by Snapchat and Instagram. The ads will contain external links, redirecting users to the company website when the video is tapped.


EasyJet gets emosh

A new EasyJet campaign is launching which looks to create a more emotional connection with customers.

In an attempt to be known for more than value for money, the adverts aim to give customers a “big dollop of emotion”, creating stronger connections between consumer and brand.

Created by VCCP, the campaign will roll out across Europe on TV, print and digital. It has a media budget of €12m and whilst TV will play an integral part it will be an integrated campaign.

Digital will play a bigger role than just marketing with EasyJet increasing its focus on its app, which will soon launch a function that enables users to link from a photograph of a destination through to booking. The tool will work by enabling users to screengrab an image from, say, Instagram and upload it to the EasyJet app. Image recognition technology will then identify the location and match it to an EasyJet destination.

New look for women’s game


The top three tiers of professional-level women’s football have been rebranded by design studio Nomad. The redesign covers the FA Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship and the FA Women’s National League, as well as The FA Women’s Continental Tyres Cup.


The new identities have been rolled out to coincide with the start of the new women’s football season. As part of an FA initiative, the aim is to inspire more girls to get involved. It is hoped that the rebrand will also play a part in increasing followers of the sport, with aims to “double attendance figures” by 2020, as well as unifying the women’s game.


Partner and creative director at Nomad, Terry Stephens, said: “We wanted to create something that didn’t look like a traditional football or sports brand, so we deliberately steered away from silhouettes of women, footballs and things like that.

“It’s about creating something that girls would aspire to have on a t-shirt or school bag,” he says.

Each logo uses a changing gradient of colour tones and has a single letter made up of multiple lines. The rebrand is part of a wider campaign about “the power of the game”.


All images courtesy of Nomad.

It’s like Google Search, but for colours

Future Memories, a Swedish digital studio, has launched a new tool that lets you search for colours by keyword. Type in any word and Picular will display a range of colours based on the top 20 Google image search results for that keyword.

You can copy the hex-code and with one click review the original image. Check out our ‘Umpf’ search below or try it for yourself here.


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