Up Yours I Quit

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Campaign snapshot

This brand awareness campaign for was aimed at the average lottery player – hard working men and women who dream of a big break.  This gave us the idea to create a tongue-in-cheek campaign aimed at the average, disgruntled worker. The campaign combined consumer research, a stunt, video creation and social media outreach.

How we did it

We undertook a survey to find out what people would do first if they won the lottery – most said they would quit their job immediately, and respondent said they’d spray paint their resignation over their boss’s car. We used an integrated model to ensure we reached a  people with our story in a variety of ways:

  • A stunt: To create shareable content, we planted a Mercedes E-Class daubed with a rudimentary resignation letter in a busy city centre during rush hour.
  • Consumer research: We published a news story on the consumer research.
  • A making-of video: We created a behind-the-scenes video showing the reaction of the people who saw the car, the media reaction and the research behind the stats.
  • Social media content: We distributed the ‘making-of’ video, shared user generated content and posted images from the stunt.
Multilotto Up Yours I Quit PR Stunt
Multilotto Up Yours I Quit PR Stunt

The results

The campaign reached a huge number of consumers in the target demographic on multiple occasions. Overall the campaign generated 197 media articles. This created a huge number of impressions – up to 375 million. Importantly the campaign drove consumer engagement – a 600 percent increase in hits to over the campaign period.

Campaign highlights


of coverage included a brand mention


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owned content reach


increase in hits to