NHS Health Careers

Be Part of The Big Picture Apprenticeships Campaign

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Campaign snapshot

NHS Health Careers provide help and information to people who are interested in working in the NHS and other health employers. Umpf were tasked with producing a range of creative assets that could be used online and in print to develop and raise awareness of the NHS Apprenticeship scheme.

How we did it

We created a suite of digital and print assets that NHS and Job Centre Plus employers could use when promoting NHS apprenticeships.

We wanted the creative assets to be readily available and customisable internally, allowing employers to input their own content and imagery.

As a solution, we created and built an accessible and bespoke online artwork generator. All print and digital assets were made available via the online resource, allowing users to input their own content and imagery without needing design programmes or help from designers. The ‘artwork generator’ produces downloads that can be used digitally or be printed.

The results

The online artwork generator has been created as a legacy piece for the NHS and has been used by 500+ NHS staff to create branded campaign artwork.