Toys R Us Times Square Foursquare Stunt

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For companies running “Specials” on Foursquare – or for agencies running them on their client’s behalf – a new range of Specials are being launched this Friday (11 March, 2011) meaning brands can get even more creative on Foursquare.

One of the more clever executions is the Toys R Us/Times Square Foursquare stunt: the first five people to check in to their New York Broadway store after 11am this Friday will have their Foursquare photo beamed on to a huge screen in Times Square (you’ll know about our love of a Times Square publicity stunt).

Not only that, they will each receive a commemorative photo souvenir of the event – clever stuff.

Here’s a run-down of the new Foursquare Specials, just announced:

Flash Special rewarding the first people to arrive at a venue after a certain time. NB Will be interesting to watch how this one pans out; remember the notrious Domino’s “30 Minutes or it’s Free” marketing campaign that back-fired after a number of deaths were attributed to delivery drivers trying to make good on the brand’s pledge.
Friends Special check in with your Foursquare friends to receive x% off.
Swarm Specials rewarding large groups who check in together.  Quiet Tuesday night in your bar?  Offer 2-for-1s for a Foursquare swarm.
Newbie Specials offers geared towards people who check in for the first-time.

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