Top Social Media Agencies UK

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Ashley Friedlein, the CEO of Econsultancy – the leading source of independent advice and insight on digital marketing and ecommerce – was  recently asked who would be included in his ‘Top 10 usual suspects’ of UK-based social media agencies.

We were delighted to see Umpf in the list: top 10 social media agencies in the UK.Map2

We were even more pleased when we realised that 9 out of the 10 agencies are based in London or the South East (see the Google Map, right, visualising Econsultancy’s top ten social media agencies – that’s Umpf on the Northerly tip!).

We love London but we also love being based outside the capital (the best creative talent isn’t just to be found in the South East).

Hopefully we go some way to dispelling that myth and being the only agency from ‘the provinces’ to make the list should demonstrate this.

If you’re still in doubt as to whether we should have made the top ten, we’ve outlined five recent examples of our social media work, below. If you’re interested in finding out more about us as an agency, or perhaps how we can help you engage with social media, read more about our Social Media offer or contact us on

Umpf's Ouch Map social media campaign for Health365.com1. Our social media “ouch map”, left, for online health insurer  has just been shortlisted for a Marketing Innovation award: best Innovative Brand Campaign

Umpf's Tweet Pie social media campaign for Belling2. We’ve just launched an online PR stunt: The World’s Shortest Recipe Book where we’re publishing a book – Tweet Pie, right – of recipes where each one is less than 140 characters

3. We brought this season’s BBC Apprentice programme to life with a clever online camapign run through Twitter for our client

4. We achieved global coverage for our research on behalf of about how misuse of social media in the workplace could be costing the UK economy £14bn

5. And lastly, here’s a recent social media stunt we did for ourselves: The most lucrative Foursquare check-in