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Originally posted 17 March, 2011. Updated 10 April 2013 with new PeerIndex Groups URLs and layouts

The Top PR & Social Media Agency Players: Yorkshire is a table – ranked independently by PeerIndex – of the main players in the PR and social media industry in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Top PR & Social Media Agency Players YorkshireIt is designed to show a snapshot of the key figures working within PR and social media agencies (not including in-house professionals) and is ranked according to influence by PeerIndex.

PeerIndex helps you understand your online reputation, rating your ‘social capital’ through “topic-based authority rankings”.

The service analyses publicly available data (your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, now, Quora public profiles) to create a picture of your authority and activity on a given subject.

We have tried to include everyone in the region in the list; if you’re not in the table and you’d like to be added @reply @adrian_johnson.  Please note the criteria for entry, below.

Live stream from PeerIndex of the Top PR & Social Media Agency Players: Yorkshire

This table was inspired by Andrew Smith’s original PRWeek Power List.

Umpf is a Leeds-based nationally-respected, creative PR and social media agency with many awards to its name.

Entry criteria
*First and foremost it is for staff working in PR and/or social media agencies who are based in Yorkshire. Notable exclusions: if you’re from Yorkshire, or one of your agency’s offices are in Yorkshire, but you yourself are based in the London office.

*One of the things the table may be used for is suppliers looking for PR/social media professionals, so in-house PR/social media staff are not included.

*It does not include agencies outside PR/social media eg marketing, advertising, sales promotion, branding, SEO/PPC, etc etc. Notable inclusions: if your agency offers PR/social media services to external businesses (ie not in-house PR/social media to promote your own agency), staff who fulfil those roles for clients will be included.

*Networked PR/social media agencies with multiple offices will only be listed by their Yorkshire office. So @National_PR_Agency_Co would not be listed, but, for example, @GraylingNorth is.