Top PR Agencies – UK

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Umpf is a Leeds-based, nationally-respected, creative PR agency with many awards to its name.  We have created The Top PR Agencies UK,  a table – ranked independently by PeerIndex – of the main agencies in the PR industry across the UK.

It is designed to show a snapshot of the key agencies working within PR (not including in-house professionals) and is ranked according to influence by PeerIndex.
The table below is a live stream from PeerIndex.

PeerIndex helps you understand your online reputation, rating your ‘social capital’ through “topic-based authority rankings”. The service analyses publicly available data (your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, now, Quora public profiles) to create a picture of your authority and activity on a given subject.

We have tried to include the major agencies in the list; if your agency is not in the table and you’d like it to be added @reply @jonpriestley Please note the criteria for entry, below.

This table was inspired by Andrew Smith’s original PRWeek Power List.

Entry criteria

*First and foremost it is for PR agencies which are based in the UK, so international agencies with a global profile have not been included.  However, UK-based branches of these international agencies are eligible provided their profile is UK-specific

*Whilst some agencies do not have a corporate profile, and instead use a leading figure from their agency as spokesperson, we have not included these people as we want it to be about the agency and not the individual (for individuals please see the original PR Week Power List – link above)