Tipp-Ex Social Media Campaign is White Hot

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Tipp-ExTipp-Ex’s very clever YouTube campaign, could well be the ‘new’ Old Spice viral.  The Tipp-Ex social media campaign is a development of the very popular 2004 interactive online campaign from BK.

In BK’s subservient chicken campaign (to promote its ‘Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich’) users find themselves looking at, what appears to be, a live webcam of a person dressed in a chicken costume.

Type in a command and the chicken responds. You can make it ‘pray’, ‘sneeze’, ‘hula hoop’ and, yes, you can even ‘choke the chicken’.

The BK campaign – and remember this is pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook – collected 1m+ hits within the first 24 hours and has since surpassed 400,000,000 (yep, 400m).

So will Tipp-Ex’s social media campaign – in which you can type in a command for the bear to follow – emulate this?

It’s certainly likely to replicate the sharp spike in YouTube views, but unlikely to hit anywhere near 400m views.  You have to remember that the subservient chicken was truly groundbreaking six years ago, whereas Tipp-Ex is borrowing the concept.

Still, take nothing away from Tipp-Ex, it’s a very clever campaign, cute in its delivery – we’re loving the reach out of the video by the hunter to Tipp-Ex out the word ‘shoots’ – and is certainly white hot on Twitter right now.

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Ps random true fact: the mother of one of The Monkees – Mike Nesmith – invented Tipp-Ex (well, the brand ‘Liquid Paper’), and sold it for $47.5m (plus royalties) to the Gillette Corporation.