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We launched our Ashes sporting social media stunt this week.

Being a social media agency – and enjoying sport as we do – we wanted to piggyback The Ashes with a cheeky idea.  We came up with the concept of taking over the Twitter cover image of Ashley Kerekes, whose name may not be instantly familiar, but whose Twitter account, @TheAshes, is.

You can read more about our Ashes social media stunt which outlines why and how we did it.

We have had three great pieces of online coverage:, and – the Metro also ran a double-page feature in the print edition today.

The Ashes social media stunt follows our Ed Balls meme social media stunt from April.  You can read more about how Umpf celebrated Ed Balls Day with a PR social media stunt, but to summarise we contacted local football team Morley Town and asked them if they would play their league game during Ed Balls weekend in a new strip, emblazoned with Ed’s face and our @Umpf Twitter account.

Our story made Buzzfeed, MSN, The Mirror, The Guardian, Sky News online, and, the big one, the Morley Observer.

If you’re looking for a social media stunt, give us a call on 0800 4 10 20 10.

Social Media, with a bit more Umpf.

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