Social Media TV – News April 29, May 6

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Due to Bank Holidays and Royal Weddings, there’s a bumper installment of two videos covering the latest news in the world of social media from the last 14 days. In the first Trending bulletin:

1. Sony’s PlayStation hack nightmare as 77m customers’ details are lifted; compensation could follow
2. Yahoo buys Into.Now
3. YouTube to stream Hollywood blockbusters online?
4. iPhone privacy concerns
5. Julian Gratton from Red C talks about the social media Royal Wedding

In the second Trending bulletin:

1. Anonymous denies any involvement in the Sony hacking
2. How much is Facebook worth? Do we care?
3. The ‘Chinese Facebook’ RenRen floats on the New York Stock Exchange
4. Amazon working in on iPad rival tablet
5. Death of Osama Bin Laden is broken on Twitter – Tom Cheesewright at Canddi comments

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