Social Media TV News – 27 May 2011

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Here’s the latest news in the world of social media from the last seven days. In this week’s Trending bulletin:

1. Twitter has bought UK-based Tweetdeck for a reported £25Million

2. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that he wants to create a safe and educational website for under 13s.

3. The UK government has appointed a digital tsar with a £142,000 salary in an effort to save the country £6Million in web costs.

4. Following the superinjunction row, Twitter has confirmed that it will hand over the identities of those breaking injunctions to the authorities if it is legally required to do so. Steve Kuncewicz, media lawyer, explains more.

5. Superinjunction searches have dominated google searches this week in the UK, but with the onset of half term holidays, it’s no surprise that ‘Ash Cloud’ is this week’s top search term.

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