Social Media TV News – 03 June 2011

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Here’s the latest news in the world of social media from the last seven days. In this week’s Trending bulletin:

1. In a landmark ruling Twitter has been forced to hand over the personal details of some of its users.

2. Eric Schmidt of Google has admitted the company didn’t react quick enough to emergence of Facebook.

3. Apple’s Steve Jobs is expected to take centre stage at the Worldwide Developer Conference next week to profile Apple’s latest product, the iPlay, which will allow users to litsen to their entire music catalogue wherever they are.

4. Twitter has hit headlines after unveiling a raft of new features, including a new follow button which makes it easier for people to follow a user’s content. Mike McGrail explains more.

5. Sean Kingston has been the fastest rising search term in the UK on Google this week, following his accident on a jet ski.

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