Social Media Round-up of the Week – 18 February

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Welcome back to our weekly instalment of what’s hot in the world of social media. Here’s our top seven from this last week and don’t forget – if you see anything that really impresses you, why not let us know by emailing on Perhaps your suggestion will make the cut next week:Monopoly board

1. TED challenges the supremacy of 2011 hotshot Quora and launches its own platform for intelligent discussion

2. Foursquare will start to add recommendations next month

3. An age-old game gets a social media makeover (right); here’s Monopoly 2.0

4.The more Facebook friends you have, the more stressed you get

5. Tech brands dominate in the latest social media reputation table

6. Greplin opens the doors to us all – now you can search email, Facebook and Twitter data with one query

7. Porsche says ‘Thank You’ 1 million times with its latest paint job