Social Media Round Up of the Week – 14th June

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Welcome back to our weekly instalment of what’s hot in the world of social media. In case you missed what happened over the past week, here’s a run-down of our top six:

Facebook tattoo1. A fake Facebook tattoo caused a stir this week when video emerged of an unnamed Dutch woman getting 152 of her Facebook friends’ profile pictures tattooed on to her arm. Many people smelt a rat and after 1.5 million YouTube views it was confirmed as a PR stunt to promote Pretty Social which makes Facebook themed gifts.

2. Facebook was under fire this week after rolling out its face recognition technology without telling anybody. Sparking complaints from privacy campaigners, the new technology can instantly recognise and tag people in pictures uploaded to the site. Designed to speed up the process of labelling friends in pictures, the technology was trialled in the US and then rolled out across the world with the default setting automatically turned on.

3. An issue of More Magazine created by its Facebook fans goes on sale today. More’s 100,000 Facebook fans were given the chance to input into all areas of the content including the cover star, fashion shoots and the beauty pages. Five ‘superfans’ were also recruited to go into the Bauer offices and work on the magazine with its editorial team.

4. Last week Apple announced that Twitter would be inbuilt into iOS 5 making it the default social network on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  With what is regarded as a kick in the teeth for Facebook, when iOS 5 is released this Autumn device users will able to post videos, links and updates to Twitter with a single tap.

5. Iceland is using social media to crowdsource its constitution in a bid to galvanise the public into sharing their ideas. The document has been available for public comment online since April. The public can also take part in the discussion by joining the Facebook page. What is more, meetings of the council are open to the public and streamed live on to the website and Facebook page.

6. You can now remove the Youtube logo from video uploads. The move comes as online video uploads soar and is designed to appeal to serious video publishers.