Social Media Round-up of the Week – 04 May

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Welcome back to our weekly instalment of what’s hot in the world of social media. In case you missed what happened over the past week, here’s a run-down of our top six.Wedding 2

1.  Facebook could be worth $100bn by spring next year, after 2011 profits ‘exceed expectations’, according to people close to the fastest growing social network. The company is understood to be on track to make more than $2bn in 2011, pre-tax and interest, after exceeding all expectations of advertising revenues set last year.

2. Two teenagers may face legal action over a royal wedding party organised through Facebook that left a council with a £25,000 clean-up bill. Glasgow City Council is speaking to lawyers after almost 6,000 attended the unauthorised event, leading to 22 arrests and 11 people being injured.

3. New mother Mariah Carey has taken to Twitter to stir up some guesses about her twin babies’ names. The proud pop diva, who gave birth to a girl and a boy on April 30 in LA, revealed that both names begin with the letter ‘M’ and is urging her followers to submit their theories. At Umpf we’re guessing ‘Matthew’ and ‘Megan’.

4. News of the death of Osama bin Laden prompted Twitter to receive record traffic on Sunday night as America’s most wanted was shot dead at a secret compound in Pakistan. Twitter peaked at 5,106 tweets per second Sunday night, and sustained an average rate of 3,440 tweets per second, the company said.

5. Social media ad spending will hit $8.3 billion in 2015, up from $2.1 billion last year, according to a new report. BIA/Kelsey, a media consultancy, predicts that display ads will retain the lion’s share of the business, but innovations like Twitter‘s Promoted Tweets will make inroads as well. By 2015, $7.7 billion of that $8.3 billion will be from display ads, the firm predicts, and most of that will belong to Facebook, though the report didn’t break out Facebook’s exact share.

6. Because we’re such fans of the lovely William and Kate/Princess Catherine/Duchess of Cambridge, we couldn’t resists sharing the following inforgraphic with you (right).