Social Media Digest: The Pope, Twitter Bust Ups, Facebook Jobs and Instagram Clichés!

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1. This week saw the start of something revolutionary… the Pope on Twitter!! Although he’s not actually tweeted yet – the first date is forecasted for 12th December – he’s already got well-over 500k followers and is predicted to be within the top 20 followed tweeters alongside Gaga and Biebs!


2. After Twitter almost imploded from the announcement of Max Clifford being arrested in conjunction with Operation Yewtree, followers of Lord Sugar and Donald Trump had front row seats to another media explosion.


Coincidentally two hours before The Young Apprentice, Trump initiated the argument by saying “You’re all wrong – check the facts! UK is massively subsidizing Scotland’s wind turbines & the people don’t want them”, to which Sugar replied: “I think you have that wrong. The Scottish don’t want you!” … Never one to shy away, Piers Morgan also got in on the act, pictures below!


3. Bad times for LinkedIn this week as Facebook launched its very own jobs board. The Facebook jobs page allows users to search for jobs by location, industry and skill. They can also apply for jobs directly through the site! Although Facebook people deny their desire to be a part of the recruitment market, almost 2 million jobs have been posted so far and they’ve got the likes of Monster and Branch Out on board. Let’s just hope that candidates applying through Facebook change their privacy settings!


4. This week we’re loving the Nickelback/Instagram parody! uploaded a funny twist of Nickelback’s “Photograph” song, entitled “Look at this Instagram”.

Although it has sadly been taken down (not sure why), the video has gained more than 12,000 YouTube views in 48 hours. Here’s another sneaky link showing the video!

Although it’s a parody video, we agree with Mashable and the Huffington Post who say how accurate the lyrics are!

Here’s my top three Instagram clichés:

a. Feet on the beach – yes, we know you’re on holiday – thank god for Instagram to help you rub it in!

b. Food porn – surely about 90% of Instagram photos are food? I’m sure I’ve heard a few people saying “my food didn’t taste that good, but it looked great on Instagram!”

c. “Inspirational quotes” – ‘Keep calm and take photos’? Hmm, no – a filter does NOT make an inspirational quote more inspirational!