Social Media Digest: Pinterest Progresses, Instagram Updates and Social goes Silent

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1.Embedded Pinterest boards

Busy couple of weeks for pinterest after adding secret board functionality last week, which gave users the opportunity to create 3 boards only seen by themselves and designated users. The latest trick is providing pinteresters with the ability to embed boards directly on to pages. You can add buttons and widgets and all sorts. Here is one of our Umpf boards to demonstrate

2.Facebook gets busy with new features

Facebook has been busy recently; launching a new filter for your news feed which provides content sourced only from the pages you subscribe too, an interesting concept we will watch how users react to it. Zuckerbergs team have also been busy sorting out a new Facebook Jobs application as well as toying with the idea of adding the functionality to reply to a specific comment, that could get very cluttery.

Last but not least relationship joint pages, the less said about this the better though.

3.Thunderclap for Remembrance Day

The Royal British Legion became the first UK organization to use social media tool Thunderclap as it attempts to create a twitter silence. Thunderclap technology stockpiles tweets and specific messages and then distributes them in a single burst once a specific limit is reached, the tool is designed for maximum impact and exposure.

4.Instagram new profile pages

Instagram the ever beloved photo sharing site now owned by Facebook launched its web user profiles, making the site available in a Facebook style layout, all of your photos will be displayed unless set to private. You can access your individual profile by typing in[username].  I think they look very neat, the only draw back possibly being the lack of ability to really edit your profile but this will probably develop over time.