Social Media Digest: Obsessive Facebook Use, Klout and Instagram, Facebook ‘Replies’, Dragon Ball Craze and Winning!

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1. According to new research revealed today, if you’re checking Facebook less than fourteen times a day then you’re under the national average. Findings suggest 79 per cent of smartphone users check their devices within 15 minutes of waking up, yet peak Facebook time is during the evening, just before bed. On average, we visit Facebook 13.8 times during the day, for two minutes and 22 seconds.


The research, conducted by IDT and sponsored by Facebook, provides interesting figures which all PR professionals should take note of. Our advice is, for those who administrate social accounts, take the follow questions into consideration: when to post? Is the content right for the time of day? Is the content you post snappy and noticeable? What type of content receives the most attention and click-throughs?

2. Klout announced today that Instagram photos now have an influence on individual’s Klout score. While Klout has previously allowed users to connect their Instagram profile to their account for some time, a person’s photo popularity will now increase their overall score. In addition the most popular photos will now appear in ‘Klout Moments’.

klout-instagram-life-moment (1)

3. Facebook revealed on Monday that it’s finally rolling out ‘Replies’, a new direct reply feature for pages. Instead of responding to a particular comment way down the line after new posts have been added, Facebook users will be able to directly reply to an individual comment, making it much easier for clear communicating.

Perhaps more interestingly, Facebook also announced the site will prioritise comments based on engagement, i.e. how active and popular they are. The more popular comments will rise to the top of the list, instead of the previous chronological order. We think this could be great news for the best brands with thousands of followers, but it could cause problems for those who receive a lot of complaints.

4. One of the more peculiar social crazes we’ve come across (and love!) this week, is the Dragon Ball Kamehameha attacks which have taken Twitter and Japan by storm.


The photos seem to be influenced by these floating pictures created by people photographing crazy jumps to create the illusion of floating.


5. And finally… some more great news for Umpf this week! On Wednesday night we won the Best Consumer App award for our client Glorious!’ Flavour Map app at the Yorkshire Insider Digital and Technology Awards 2013.


Umpf was also ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Use of Social Media and Marketing Campaign of the Year categories for our work on the Belling Tweet Cake and Glorious! Flavour Map app, respectively.

Have a great Easter!