Social Media Digest- Facebook’s Face-loss, Social Media Week & Tweet Shop

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1.Social Media Week

This being the social media digest I should probably start with this week being the official social media week. Talks have been held around the globe on a whole plethora of subjects, some have been streamed online, many have been discussed on social channels. There is too much to talk about in order to be specific here so please leave us a comment if you attended/watched or even disagreed with something from one of the talks and workshops this week.

2. The Tweet Shop

This is simply a brilliant idea. In order to celebrate Kellogs move into the crisp market, a stand alone shop in Meard Street , Soho has been set up. The Tweet shop has a significant twist in that the only thing you need to spend is your time,  you post a message about the product on twitter and consequently  you will receive a free packet of crisps, genius. Hurry down though as it shuts today (28th September).

3. Facebook turns facial recognition off

Facebook has been ordered to turn off the facial recognition technology which automatically suggests tags for users photos. The ruling is being enforced within the EU where the system is automatically switched to on in a user’s settings. An Irish regulator deemed it the main security threat and has told the social networking giant it has 4 weeks to switch it off or face fines of £80,000.

4.The most popular Tumblr post of all time

Like a giant game of online Chinese whispers this post has been changing in content for over 8 million shares worth of time now. It started life as Mitt Romney sucks pass it on, a childish slogan relating to the presidential candiate over the Atlantic. It has since been changed and pushed on all around the world. An interesting piece of social media history, possibly.

5. Myspace is back, erm , again but it’s the same well it looks better but you know what I mean

On the same day Facebook may or may not have revealed your deepest darkest secrets to the world, Myspace launched a radical new design for the former social media heavyweight. A hybrid of a few different services, it does have a kind of Google+ Ipad look about it. The ability to interact with music does still provide Myspace with a USP. It will be interesting to see if they are able to lure users back to the site. Either way you could now spend a night on myspace, bebo and MSN Messenger and pretend you are a teenager again, now where is my modem?

6. Squawka Sports receives investment from major advertising group

For those of you who don’t know what Squawka Sports is they produce sports companion apps, most notably 2nd screen software which tracks games using specific formulas and methods as well as providing live chat rooms during matches. They have secured a partnership with ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty in return for a share of the business.

The increase in use of second screen to watch sport has been remarkable in recent years and was heavily noticeable in peoples interaction with the London Olympics. 24% of UK people claimed to regularly use a second device whilst watching a main television set. The potential is all there for Squawka having already attracted to partnerships with Dominos , Gillette and PaddyPower.

Definitely one to watch.