Social Media Campaign Review – Michael Barrett

    The Grand Rapids Lip Dubs (new world record)

    Citizens from Grand Rapids in Michigan were outraged when they read a story in Newsweek proclaiming that their city along with 9 others was “Dying”. Residents in response to this, were concerned about the possible implications that this bad press could cause in terms of tourism travel and reputation.

    •    To protect and promote the reputation of Grand Rapids and Michigan as a whole
    •    To communicate that Michigan is a hive of activity and far from dead
    •    To gain press coverage of the event

    The outraged group of residents, business groups and tourism bosses created an epic response by setting a new world record LipDup video featuring 5,000 of its residents the following video, miming to Don McLean’s American Pie, which was produced using $40,000 worth of donations from 29 local sponsors. The logistics of the operation required massive amounts of organisation

    Uploaded to YouTube on 26 May 2011
    •    800,000 people viewed the video in just a few days
    •    100,000+ Facebook ‘likes’
    •    It was the 9th most watched clip on YouTube anywhere in the world on 28 May
    •    12,000 YouTube ‘likes’.