Secrets, Shambles, Hacking and Obama!

  • Social Media

1. Yesterday, Pinterest announced the launch of their ‘Secret Boards’ for the Christmas holidays! It seems that they’ve finally taken note of what a lot of their users use Pinterest for: shopping! So, as of yesterday, we can use secret boards to keep track of Christmas gifts, plan a special event, or work on a project that we’d like to remain a secret. It’s quite versatile though – you can invite friends to pin and view the board too.


2. Joined with Adidas, England International launched a Q&A hashtag campaign, #AskStevie [Steven Gerrard], which received a lot of attention – maybe not for the right reasons!? The campaign was ambushed by the typical Joe Bloggs, a few celebs and a lot of parody accounts. Here are our favourites:


3. A handful of tweeters have been confused this week after receiving emails from Twitter informing them of a password reset. Apparently Twitter suspects that their account has been ‘compromised by a website or a third party which it has no affiliation’, in order words, HACKED! A Twitter spokesperson said: “In this case, we unintentionally reset passwords of a larger number of accounts, beyond those that we believed to have been compromised. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.”


4. And finally, a huge congratulation is in order for Barack Obama who was re-elected this week (our Yanky-Ali is very happy!). Apparently Instagram was set alight with American users tagging more than 100,000 photos with #iVoted, and about 150,000 with #election2012 on Tuesday!

In addition to this, he also smashed Twitter records with his “Four more years” tweet which gained over 800,000 retweets (today’s figure), overtaking a previous record (200,000) held by Justin Bieber!