PR Week Birthday Wishes

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Rather than just send a card to PR Week to celebrate its 25th birthday, we wanted to do something which delivered a bit more Umpf. So we came up with a little digital stunt.

We sent our birthday card 2,983 miles and had it displayed on the largest digital sign in the world – the Reuters sign in Times Square, New York.  See the grainy shots we grabbed today (20 Aug) from a webcam over the road, in the video, above.  Here’s a live view of the Reuters sign (it’s the right-hand webcam).

At over 7,000 square feet and 23 stories tall, our card will be – and we’re pretty confident about this – the biggest birthday card they’ll get this year.Reuters PR Week official shot

Happy 25th birthday to Danny and everyone at PR Week – still delivering PR news with added Umpf after all these years.

The image, right, was taken by a photographer in Times Square on the afternoon of Friday 20 August 2010.