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Pinterest LogoLooking for PR agencies, PR campaigns or PR stunts on Pinterest?

We’re seeing more and more Pins on Pinterest with PR-related stories and images, not to mention dedicated PR-related boards.

We’ll use this post to create a resource of PR-related Pinterest activity.

PR Stunts
There are now at least two 15 17 boards dedicated to PR stunts (though there may be more – Pinterest’s search function is notoriously poor):

1. The guys at Hotwire group have a PR Stunts board started by Drew Benvie and curated by six staff

2. The Umpf PR Stunts board (which we belive was the first one on Pinterest) includes stunts and PR campaigns

3. Marketing agency Beatwax has a Guerrilla, Ambient & PR Stunts board

4. Ishbel Macleod has a PR & advertising stunts board

5. Rax Lakhani has a Great PR Stunts board

6. Rich Leigh has a board which includes PR stunts

7. Faye Oakey has a PR Stunts board

8. Only Marketing has a PR Stunts board

9. Joe Groves has a PR Stunts board

10. James Hickman has a PR Stunts board

11. Shannon Bailey has a PR Stunts board

12. Laura Helen Words has a Sweet PR Stunts board

13. Greg Vekiarellis has an Amazing PR Stunts board

14. Scot Devine has a PR Launches, Stunts And Tropes board

15. Helen Prowse has a PR Stunts board

16. The CIPR has a We Love Public Relations board

17. Terry Gilligan has a PR & Social Media board

PR Agencies on Pinterest

This is a list of PR agencies with agency-branded boards (as opposed to people in PR).



Limelight PR


Third City Life



W Communications


CAP Brand Marketing

Get Noticed PR

Ink PR

Lifestyle Public Relations

Magnetic Communications

Mayfield Group

The PR House

Scheidtweiler PR

*For a bit more background on the success of Pinterest (and some improvements we’re hoping to see), read: Pinterest: 10 reasons why it will be bigger than Twitter