Pop-Up PR: Four Great Pop-Up Publicity Stunts

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The ‘pop-up [insert object]’ is the latest tool de jour of the PR pro.

It’s difficult to read a paper, mag, website or blog without seeing a pop-up restaurant/bar/cafe/shop/you name it.  There’s even been a pop-up ad agency (more below).

And with good reason.  The pop-up concept:

1. Offers great photo opportunities (see our recent post on how great photography can elevate your PR campaign)

2. Gives an experiential opportunity for sampling your product/service to customers you may not typically reach

3. Creates a ready-made story – pop-ups are, by their nature, unusual in design and location and around for a limited period ie great news fodder

4. Can quickly drive change in the public’s perception of your brand

That said, with so many pop-up concepts out there, how soon before it becomes a tired concept and joins the list of most over-used PR ideas?

Until then, here’s four great examples of pop-ups, including: XXXX Gold’s pop-up bar (from way back in 2008); Illy’s Adam Kalkin-designed fully-furnished pop-up cafe; Smirnoff’s Nightlife Exchange pop-up nightclub; and the pop-up ad agency from Ogilvy.

Now that’s a pop-up bar

Hat-tip to Stephen Armstrong at Pondkeeper for sending through the XXXX Gold slides

Umpf Pop-Up PR Adam Kalkin's Illy cafe New York

Umpf Pop-Up PR Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange
Umpf Pop-up PR Ogilvy pop ip agency Idea Shop