Panda-ing to Social Media? Google Update Changes Landscape.

  • Social Media

The dust has now settled on the Panda 2.5 update from Google, with much debate on how changes to arguably the world’s most important algorithm will impact on SERPs. At Umpf, we’re firm believers in making sure quality online content is front of mind for clients when embarking on social media campaigns. Put simply, we don’t advocate spam or ‘get rich quick’ schemes when it comes to SEO. Google Panda

Imagine our delight, then, when the initial analysis on search results following the Panda update showed that quality content was being favoured by Google and that social media platforms were increasingly influential when it comes to rankings. Social media, long viewed as the preserve of the acne-ridden teenager, has well and truly come of age and is now radically altering the online prominence of global brands.

Given Google owns YouTube, it was no surprise for us to read that the video-sharing platform had fared particularly well in terms of the update. We feel that this will only increase over time, so quality online video content will become more and more important for brands who want to appear top three in SERPs. However, brands that concentrate solely on Y0uTube as their online ‘cash cow’ will be disappointed. Only through a comprehensive suite of social media profiles can brands expect to fare well in this new search landscape.

We have award-nominated campaigns that demonstrate how we can exploit multiple social media channels to great effect to our clients, so why not have a look at our social media expertise here.

Whilst agencies and in-house marketers continue to adapt to the changes that Panda 2.5 has brought about, one thing is for sure; quality content is king.