Manchester: the world’s rudest city says Foursquare

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They say statistics never lie.  So who are we to question Foursquare who this week said that Manchester (yes, Manchester, England) is statistically the world’s rudest city?

The location-based mobile platform released some interesting server data yesterday (and, my, do they have some data to analyse: they handled 400 million check-ins in the last 12 months alone).

To find out which city has the world’s rudest citizens, it ran a search looking at how frequently a tip left in that city contained a swear word.

We’d love to see the list of swear words, but they didn’t publish it, so here’s the top 5 cities instead:

Manchester, UK's rudest city (Foursquare)1. Manchester, England

2. El Paso, Texas, USA

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

4. Bloomington, Indiana, USA

5. Riverside, California, USA

Of the top 20 rudest cities, Melbourne was the only other non-US city in the list.

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