Friday Social: Twitter Purge and TikTok 1.5bn

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Twitter announce purge, then quickly unannounce

This week Twitter announced it planned to delete accounts that had been inactive for over 6 months, in an effort to free up usernames. Twitter planned to send out emails to inactive accounts to notify them of the pending deletion, giving them the opportunity to login and save their account if they wished to keep it.

This quickly backfired when some users showed concern of deleting accounts of deceased loved ones, and Twitter quickly announced it had decided not to remove inactive accounts until it creates a way to memorialize accounts of the deceased, a feature which Facebook offers.

TikTok Reaches 1.5 Billion Downloads

TikTok’s popularity is growing with no signs of it slowing down, making it the third most downloaded non-gaming app of year – behind WhatsApp and Messenger. The app which was once deemed to be for Generation Z has now become a guilty pleasure for many of us.

Expanding on this, TikTok is also looking into a brand-new streaming partnership which would let users download music from their favourite artists – and enable the creation of a personal music library which users could then search through and add to their TikTok videos.

Twitter’s Tweet Scheduling

Another Twitter story making headlines and this time it’s answering our prayers – as built-in tweet scheduler is coming soon. This will allow users to post tweets at your chosen time, without ever leaving your internet window. You can already schedule your tweets through TweetDeck, the Media Studio and various apps, but this will be beneficial if you’re trying to manage tweets on the go.

Twitter has announced it is testing the new function with a small group of users but could expand in the next year.

This Week in TikTok

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