Friday Social: TikTok’s Safety Videos, Zuckerberg Questioning & Instagram Series

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TikTok’s New Safety Videos

This week TikTok released a new series of safety videos to inform users about privacy controls and safety features including how to filter comments and report inappropriate behaviour.

The videos, which feature well-known TikTok creators, includes one that outlines TikTok’s aim of creating a ‘positive’ social media environment, where creativity is celebrated and harassment is banned.

It’s a different, refreshing approach from the social media video app, leading the discussion on a sensitive issue after recent scandals and privacy breaches from other tech giants have hit the headlines over the past few years.

Zuckerberg Questioned Over Fact-Checking Issues

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questioning in Washington this week over the fact checking of political adverts.

US lawmakers heavily questioned the tech boss about the company’s policy and accused the business of letting political disinformation spread ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

Zuckerberg couldn’t confirm if hate speech from candidates running for office would be taken off the platform, taking the stance that Facebook isn’t responsible for what politicians choose to say.

Appearing before the House Financial Services Committee, he defended plans for his digital currency Libra but was also grilled on child exploitation issues on the social network and the Cambridge Analytic data scandal.

Instagram Launches ‘Series’ Feature

Instagram has launched a new update for its IGTV feature, allowing users to categorize content via a ‘series option’.

In a bid to boost exposure for IGTV content, it allows creators to brand their content and help increase their views – seemingly similar to Snapchat’s Original content.

Time will tell if this new series feature takes off.

This week in TikTok

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