Friday Social: The War on Fake News, Love Island’s Instagram Legend, Snapchat’s Musical GIFS and GCSE’s!

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The War on Fake News

In what may seem like an ongoing battle, this week Facebook and Twitter have banned over 900 account groups and pages in Iran and Russia in a bid to tackle fake news.

fake news

The pages have said to be banned for co-ordinating inauthentic behaviour, manipulation and over engagement in misleading political behaviour.

Facebook recently stepped up policing since it admitted Russian agents had been able to run politically influential campaigns before the 2016 US presidential election.

Love Island’s Instagram Legend

It would appear you are never too old to become Insta-famous – as Dani Dyer’s grandfather ‘Bruv’ quickly discovered when he joined the photo sharing app this week, receiving over 11,000 followers in just the first two hours.


Now reaching 33,000 followers, Bruv has been sharing unseen family snaps on the channel and the public are loving it!

Snapchat’s Musical GIFS

Snapchat users can now post musical GIFs to a chat or to their own story, thanks to an integration with TuneMoji.

TuneMoji is an app that allows people to create and share GIFs which all feature licenced music, and it is believed to be the next logical step in the evolution of visual communication.

The partnership follows on from Snapchat’s announcement in June that the company has opened to third party developers with its Snap Kit platform.

Facebook Prevents Discrimination

Facebook has announced this week that it has taken steps to prevent discrimination via its ad targeting system by removing over 5,000 filter options linked to attributes such as ethnicity and religion in a bid to prevent the service from being abused.


The removal of the targeting option comes amid an investigation from the UK Department of Housing and Urban Development, which filed a complaint last week alleging Facebook has enabled discriminatory housing practices with its ad targeting options.

And finally…

GSCE results day dawned upon us this week and flooded social media with celebratory messages.

Well done all!