Friday Social: The first Kardashian scandal of 2019, what’s new on Twitter and a world record egg

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The 10 most-viewed Christmas holiday ads for 2018

For any of you that are still holding onto any last shred of Christmas joy, you might be interested to know that Google’s Home Alone spoof has come out on top in the list of holiday ad rankings.

Heart-warming, emotional adverts usually dominate these types of lists but for the first time in a long time, the ranks compiled by AcuityAds show humour topping the charts.

What will the winning strategy be this year?

Over in the world of the Kardashians…

Kendall Jenner left a lot of people feeling ‘punked’ this week after she teased an important forthcoming announcement, described as ‘raw’ and that was intended to move her adoring public.

The build up was immense. Kris Jenner took to Twitter to share pride and admiration for her daughter who had in her own words been ‘so brave and vulnerable’.

So what was that huge news that it seemed the world was waiting for?

It turns out that Kendall is the new face of Proactiv skincare and has opened up about her acne problem – which was hardly the type of emotional and courageous story that we were anticipating.

The Momager strikes again!

Instagram’s multiple posting

Instagram has introduced a handy new feature in its iOS app that lets you share the same posts from multiple accounts, making it easier for content creators posting on personal and brand accounts, as well as businesses with multiple profiles for different audiences.

You can select which accounts you want to post to at the last stage of the process.

Instagram hasn’t yet commented on whether regramming in this form will become available on Android or if it’ll work with Stories as well, but we’ll keep you posted.

New year, new Twitter

For a while now, Twitter has been trying to encourage users to have more of a conversation across the platform, and has revealed this week that there will be new features being rolled out to certain users in the coming weeks for a phase of public testing.

Wasting no time, it has already launched the first of these; a Facebook-like presence indicator that displays when users are online, meaning that users may be more inclined to start a conversation with others if they are expecting an immediate response.

Next in store, Twitter has announced an ‘ice breakers’ feature. The idea of this is that  predetermined messages will be available for users to rely on when starting a conversation with others.

Apparently, Twitter is also considering allowing users to pin this ice breaker to the top of their profile as a sort of built-in conversation starter as well.


Finally, the bit of silliness that we all need at the end of our first week back at work.

There’s a campaign on Instagram aiming to make a photo of an egg to most liked post on Instagram ever. Take a look here.

It’s got quite a way to go before it beats the current record holder Kylie Jenner, but we’re here for it so if you’ve got nothing to do, go and give it a little like.