Friday Social: Stop-Motion Coming To Insta, Facebook Target Deepfaking And A Sponsored Engagement

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Stop Motion Coming To Instagram Stories

Want to take your Instagram video content to the next level?

Good news – it appears that Instagram is developing a Stop-Motion camera option, meaning users can now make Aardman-esque creations within the app.

By letting users take multiple images whilst seeing faint overlays of the previous image, snappers can create fun and quirky 10-frame videos. Perfect for brands who want to show off every angle of their product, this feature will no doubt be a popular new addition to the ever-growing social medium – so be prepared to see it, A LOT.

Facebook To Crack Down On ‘Deepfaking’

Facebook is to re-evaluate and strengthen its policies on ‘deepfaking’, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week.

This comes after a video of US politician Nancy Pelosi went viral, despite it being completely doctored. While Facebook fact-checkers eventually marked the video as false, it had already been shared far and wide on the platform – and many have criticised Facebook for its slow speed in preventing the spread.

In layman’s terms, ‘deepfaking’ is the video process of artificially stitching someone’s likeness onto another person or image, often in damaging or pornographic material. This results in a video that looks real – but is entirely fake.

‘Surprise’ Sponsored Engagement Receives Backlash

Online influencers will do pretty much anything these days for a brand deal, and it would seem not even love-fuelled proposals are safe.

In a move which has received large backlash from the influencer community, a ‘surprise’ engagement for fashion influencer Marissa Fuchs was revealed to have all been tactically arranged months in advance – and sold to advertisers for potential brand collaborations.

The marketing ‘opportunity’, as reported by American news website The Atlantic, included detailed plans of the trip’s itinerary, the events planned, how brands could get involved and even a social media posting schedule.

Is nothing sacred?

And Finally… Politicians To Be Called Out (Finally!)

It’s common knowledge that politicians have a tendency to ‘bend’ the truth – often in small ways, sometimes in massive, bewildering lies (not naming any names…)

However, this week Twitter announced that they will soon be flagging when a politician violates their terms of service, particularly any violent threats, targeted harassment or ‘hateful conduct’.

Rather than removing the tweet from the system, Twitter will show a notice stating that this post has violated its terms, and allow the user to choose to see the original tweet.

In a bid to monitor and fact-check all influential political voices online, this new feature will apply to all government officials, or those running for office, who surpass 100,000 followers.

About time!