Friday Social: New Instagram Rules, Snapchat’s 3D Camera & Facebook’s Portal

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Our #FridaySocial is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter – @Umpf

Instagram crackdown on weight loss posts

This week, Instagram announced new rules for posts promoting weight loss products and cosmetic surgery.

Campaigners have been voicing concerns over the impact such posts could have – particularly on younger audiences.

But now the new rules will see unrealistic ‘get think quick’ promotions removed, and younger audiences will be restricted from viewing posts related to dieting and cosmetic surgery if they have an incentive to buy.

Users can also report posts that violate these new rules, and the policy will relate to Facebook too, which owns Instagram.

However, the restrictions will only apply to users that Instagram identifies as being over 18 – and dates of birth aren’t required when setting up an Instagram profile. Instead, users are asked to tick a box to confirm they’re over 18. While Facebook does ask for a date of birth, this is not normally verified.

Nonetheless, it’s a step in the right direction.

Snapchat’s New 3D Camera Mode

Snapchat has announced a new 3D camera mode that allows iPhoneX users (and more recent models) to create images with diorama-like depth effects, which move when you tilt your phone.

A new range of 3D effects, lenses and filters will also be available. Users without the iPhoneX can see the photos but aren’t able to access the new feature.

Facebook Launches Portal Home Devices

Facebook’s new Portal smart home devices – which use AI-powered cameras to make video calls – have now been launched.

Following the Cambridge Analytica controversy, the decision for Facebook to launch a camera-equipped listening device for people’s homes raised eyebrows.

The Portal and Portal Mini will be available in the UK from mid-October, with the Portal TV available from November.

ITV to launch social media news service

ITV News announced this week that they’re launching a youth-focused news service, aimed specifically at 14 to 17-year-olds.

The Rundown will feature a team of presenters from across the country, and comes after Ofcom research revealed that young people rarely watch television news, with most getting their updates through social media.

Ofcom’s news consumption report found that people over 65 watched 33 minutes of news a day, whilst those aged 16 to 24 watch less than two minutes.

The Rundown will broadcast daily through Instagram and other social media platforms, made specifically for mobile.

And finally…

You might have read about the influencer who added fake clouds to her images…

Well, she’s now teamed up with an editing app to create her own ‘cloud pack’:

Round of applause for both parties involved – this is a smart move!