Friday Social: Instagram Targets TikTok, #GrabBag Gets Twitter Worried and Find Love on Facebook

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Our #FridaySocial is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter – @Umpf

#GrabBag Campaign Accused of Scaremongering

A tweet from Police Scotland got everyone a little worried this week, when they shared their latest #GrabBag campaign.

The tweet, which has been ridiculed for its confusing vagueness, suggested that we all should have a grab-and-go bag ready for inevitable ‘emergencies’.

It doesn’t say what these emergencies might be, nor why now should be the time that we get prepared, but considering the current political state, it caused many to fear the worst – and take to Twitter to voice their concerns. Good luck, all.

Period-Tracking Apps are Sharing Users’ Intimate Details

Facebook doesn’t know EVERYTHING, right?

… well, you may be surprised. It was reported this week that some period-tracking apps, which require the user to input information regarding their menstrual cycle and sexual activity, have been sharing this data with Facebook.

According to a report by Privacy International, information such as the dates of a user’s period, whether they had symptoms like cramps and their sexual activity are sold to Facebook – all in the name of ad targeting.

Facebook has reportedly reached out to the developers of the apps in question, to discuss whether the data-sharing is violating the company’s T&Cs.

Instagram ‘Clips’ Feature to Replicate TikTok

Instagram wouldn’t be Instagram if it didn’t copy the popular features of all of its competitors, and it seems the photo-sharing giant is on the hunt once again – this time with TikTok in its sights.

‘Clips’ is reportedly the latest feature Instagram is working on, which will allow a user to record segments of videos and splice them together to form one video Story, alongside overlaying music clips. It’s no surprise that this is almost identical to the format of TikTok, which keeps rising month-on-month in popularity across the globe.

And finally… Find Love through Facebook

Fancy a hot date? Put down Bumble, say goodbye to Tinder, and bid adios to Hinge – all you need is your Facebook profile.

Facebook Dating is the latest feature to hit the social network, which is now available in 19 countries such as Canada, Brazil and the US – although sadly it’s not reached British soil just yet.

Facebook users who are 18+, can create a separate Dating profile from within the Facebook app, which integrates photos from your normal Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Unlike other dating apps, there is no swipe feature – instead, Facebook will suggest users based on interests and preferences. To show someone you’re interested, you can then comment on their profile or give them a ‘Like’.

There’s no word yet on when the feature will cross the pond to us Brits, but it will be interesting to see whether users will welcome Facebook into their dating lives, or if they’ll choose to keep some things personal.