Friday Social: Greggs go Vegan, British Army Calls for Millennials, and 2018’s Most Viral YouTube Video Revealed

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Greggs Do It Again

National bakery giant, Greggs, sparked furious online debate this week as it rolled out its brand new vegan sausage rolls.

In an Apple-esque launch, the vegan sausage roll was released to the nation following a 20,000 strong petition calling for a vegan alternative to the much-loved snack.

However, the new product has been met with mixed opinions online, with some arguing that the beloved food should be left to its traditional, meaty recipe – including one Piers Morgan (no surprise there..).

Despite all of the drama, we can confirm that they are pretty delicious – and we highly recommend you get in line and try one.

Netflix Urges Public to Open Their Eyes

Netflix has had to urge the public to stop taking part in the ‘Bird Box challenge’, after thousands undertake blindfolded social media challenges.

In honour of the new Netflix original film Bird Box, which stars a blindfolded Sandra Bullock, many social media users have taken on the newest viral challenge, by filming themselves do various tasks whilst blindfolded.

Fearing any potentially dangerous (and very much avoidable) accidents, the US Netflix account took to Twitter to say:

The British Army Wants You, You Millennial Snowflake

The British Army has unveiled its latest recruitment drive campaign which targets Generation Z ‘snowflakes’, ‘selfie addicts’ and ‘phone zombies’.

In a bid to encourage sign-ups of 16-25 year olds, the creative aims to demonstrate how millennial stereotypes can be viewed as strengths, rather than weaknesses.

From the ‘compassion’ of ‘snowflakes’, the ‘stamina’ of gamers and the ‘confidence’ of selfie takers, the campaign looks to break down the stigma surrounding the young generation, whilst promoting the armed forces.

Despite its intentions, the campaign has been met with some backlash, with many claiming it to be patronising and enhancing the very stereotypes they’re aiming to disregard.

Serena Williams is the New Face of Bumble

Celebrated US tennis champion Serena Williams is to become the new face of Bumble.

The dating app, which requires women to message their matches first, has agreed a year-long marketing campaign with the tennis star, as it looks to promote women’s empowerment.

The campaign, entitled ‘The Ball is in Her Court’, will officially debut during the Super Bowl on February 3rd, and aims to encourage women to make the first move in all aspects of their lives.

And Finally… What Was YouTube’s Most Viral Video of 2018?

Calculated by a combination of views, shares, likes, and comments, it has been revealed that Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement video was YouTube’s most viral video of 2018.

The video, which documents the stars illusive pregnancy, has amassed just under 80 million views and sent the online world into minor meltdown when it was published back in February.