Friday Social: Girl Power, #RIPNME and Penguin Selfies

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Who Run the World…? GIRLS.

International Women’s Day dominated the news this week, shining a spotlight on some incredible, inspiring stories.

The International Women’s Day hashtag was trending on Twitter – and (as usual) there were plenty of brands trying to jump on the bandwagon in the name of publicity.

We’ve rounded up some examples that stirred up a bit of controversy this year…(make sure you check out the comments on each one too)


More Bad News for Snapchat

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Snapchat.

Just last month, it was reported that Snap Inc (Snapchat’s parent company) lost $1.3billion in market value after Kylie Jenner tweeted:

And this week, news broke that Snap Inc would be laying off 10% of its engineering team – more than 100 staff.

It’s not been confirmed by the company yet but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising, given that this has already happened several times in the past year, albeit on a smaller scale.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Snapchat..?

Twitter Dishes Out Blue Ticks To Everyone!

The coveted ‘blue tick’ – the verification mark on Twitter – is usually reserved for the likes of celebs and high profile figures who are deemed worthy or apply for it.

But Twitter could soon be dishing these out to the likes of us too!

The company is reportedly looking into expanding the checkmark to all users by updating their verification process – and hopefully helping to get rid of bots and fake accounts.

It’s still unclear what the verification process would involve and it may take a while, as it’s been suggested it would be implemented in time for the 2020 US election.


This week it was announced that NME would be releasing its last ever print edition, prompting music fans – and musicians themselves – to take to social media to have their say.

It’s always sad when any publication makes the difficult decision to stop its print edition – we just hope the NME website continues to thrive.

And finally…

If you thought the snow in Leeds was bad this week, it’s nothing like the conditions these little guys put up with.

Emperor Penguins in Antarctica showed us we can all still have fun – even in the freezing cold – as they posed for a cheeky selfie in the snow.

Say cheese!