Friday Social: Dani Dyer’s Dumping Dilemma, WhatsApp’s Future Features, Wetherspoon’s Twitter Prankster and Christmas

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Dani Dyer’s Dumping Dilemma

Dani Dyer caused confusion and sent social media into meltdown this week after announcing via Instagram that she had split from boyfriend Jack Fincham. The announcement sent Love Island fans into shock as the couple had moved in together and recently bought a puppy to complete their family.

Fear not! Dani Dyer later confirmed the two hadn’t split up, but just had an argument and ‘immediately regretted’ the Instagram post.




WhatsApp’s Future Features

WhatsApp is busy testing out a range of new features which will no doubt be working their way to your phone at some point in the coming months. A couple of the new tools include:

Dark Mode – a black background designed for night-time viewing that could save your precious battery life (and potentially improve sleep).

Picture-in-Picture – an option to send YouTube or Facebook videos within a message rather than just a link. This will allow users to view the video without leaving the main WhatsApp app.

Group call shortcut – a shortcut button what will allow you to start a group call from scratch. Users can pre-select the contacts you want to chat with and then send out the call simultaneously.

Media Preview – a simple but helpful feature. If someone sends you an image or GIF, you can just slide your notification panel down from above to see what’s been sent.


Instagram brings voice messaging to your DMs

Instagram has added a voice messaging feature to its direct messages, allowing users to send audio messages to each in private and group chats.

It may be a little late to the game as Facebook has had this mechanic for years, however it is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication on messaging platforms.

Wetherspoon’s Twitter Prankster

Twitter has been ordered by the high court to reveal the user behind a parody JD Wetherspoon account which has caused many problems for the pub chain.

The parody accounts @Wetherspoon_UK and @SpoonsTom have tens of thousands of followers each and tweet a mixture of fake updates about Wetherspoons’s pubs and replies to users who mistakenly believe they are contacting the real company.

The anonymous Twitter prankster is set to be unmasked by mid-January.

And finally…

The festive season is well and truly underway with many people decorating their homes in time for Christmas – and pre-Christmas social sharing. Here are a couple of our favourites: