Friday Social: Click-baiting, Hyperlapse and Insights for all!

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Our #FridaySocial is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter – @Umpf / @EllieHallsworth

1. Facebook click-baiting

Early this week Facebook announced in a blog post that it is continuing to “weed out” stories that its users are labelling as spam or that they don’t want to see. This update particularly related to click-baiting headlines, or stories that offer little information but entice users to click, and links within posts.

How will this effect page managers you ask? According to Facebook: “A small set of publishers who are frequently posting links with click-bait headlines that many people don’t spend time reading after they click through may see their distribution decrease in the next few months”.

Hint: Facebook also stated that generally it found that its users often prefer to click on links that are displayed in the link format, which appears automatically when sharing a status update, over those links that are found within a photo caption.

2. Twitter, who gets the most stick?

A survey published by think tank Demos has concluded that men get twice as much abuse as women on Twitter, with one in every 20 tweets sent to prominent male figures are labelled as abusive compared to one in 70 for females. Piers Morgan is the worst hit, with 8.4% of incoming tweets marked as degrading. Other high-profile users frequently targeted by trolls on the site include Ricky Gervais and Katie Hopkins. Interestingly the research also found that, although men often find themselves the target of the abuse, they are also more likely to be the ones behind the trolling.

3. Hyperlapse app

This week, Instagram announced a new iOS app that allows users to capture high-quality time lapse videos, even while in motion. Hyperlapse for Instagram features built-in stabilisation technology that allows time lapses to be filmed handheld and with an iPhone or iPad.

Try it out for yourself by downloading it here. See here also for some examples of people already getting creative with the app.

4. Twitter Insights for all!

Twitter has begun opening up its new Tweet Activity dashboard to all its users, not just advertisers. The dashboard lets users see information on impressions each of their tweets has received, how many times other users have clicked on their profiles and the number of favourites, retweets and replies on each individual tweets.

Interested in your stats? Check it out here and let us know what you think!


5. Promoted Events

Facebook is now allowing Pages to create News Feed ads to promote Events on both desktop and mobile. Called Events response ads, this new roll out is accessible in both the Ad Create tool and the Power Editor. This update comes after the new availability of Event insights, letting hosts see reach figures, as well as the number of users who have viewed and engaged with the event.

Here it is in action: