Friday Social: All Change at Facebook, Tinder Tops the Charts and Umpf bags the star of the Friday Social!

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Our #FridaySocial is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter – @Umpf

All Change at Facebook

It’s all happening over on Facebook! This week the app expanded its rollout of new updates with this message:

Credit Facebook

Stating that the change will bring “A more engaging look for your page profile” and hoping to make Facebook a more engaging place, the shape of profiles are changing. Profile pictures will now be circular, following the lead of Instagram and rival, Twitter.

Tinder Tops the Charts

Thanks to its swiping users, Tinder is the top grossing app in the world, reaching #1 in the App Store for the very first time.

The move comes as the app launched its Tinder Gold functionality, which allowed users to see who liked them without swiping.

Credit Tech Crunch

News sites accounting for nearly half of social engagements

New analysis of Newswhip data has shown that the top 100 UK news websites accounted for almost half of social engagements from August 2016 – July 2017.

The data – analysed by the News Media Association (NMA) – shows that around 47 percent of engagements (shares, likes, and retweets) across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn sourced content from the best-performing UK websites.

Ashley Highfield, Chairman of the NMA, said: “Newsbrands contribute enormous value to social networks by investing in agenda-setting and highly trusted journalism that people want to read and share with their friends. It is essential that this contribution is recognised.

“News media publishers are not currently appropriately rewarded for their investment in news and that imbalance must be rectified if the journalism which consumers and social media giants rely on is to have a sustainable future.”


Ad Bakes

In the most British of ways, the public are getting increasingly frustrated with the ads breaks in this series of the Great British Bake Off. The move from the beloved BBC One to its edgy neighbour, Channel 4, predictably brought with it the most adverts in the station’s history.  I mean, what better way to reach the public than interrupting one of the most enjoyed shows to grace our screens?

To give us something to do while the ads play on, The Pool launched its series of ‘Ad Bakes’, or recipes that viewers can make in the time it takes for the ident to return to the screen, on social.

Their ‘Three-ingredient Malteser fudge’ looks particularly easy…and tasty!

And finally…Umpf bags the star of the Friday Social!

This week saw another team member join Umpf: the star of our Friday Social round up videos, Billy, who is now learning the PR and Social ropes as a Junior Account Executive.

He said, “I’m absolutely chuffed to be joining the team full time this week!  After working with the gang on the videos over the last year, I can’t wait to get going with all the other work that goes on here – but don’t panic everyone, the Friday Social videos will continue (I’m now proposing to do one every day…) Keep your eyes peeled!”