Friday Social: Twitter Photo Filters, McDonald’s Stockings & Branded Vines

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Our Friday Social is a weekly round-up of the key social media news stories from the previous seven days. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter – @Umpf / @nathanbrush #FridaySocial

1. Twitter updates photo filters

In the latest of a string of updates to its mobile apps, this week Twitter revamped its photo filtering for iOS and Android users. A slider of different filters has replaced the previous grid view, and there’s now eight different filters to choose from, including Glow, Golden, Breeze and Radiant. After selecting a filter, tapping it again will reveal a setting to adjust its strength. The update should encourage users to share photos more readily and progresses towards the flexibility offered by the likes of Instagram and VSCO Cam.

2. Scotland adopts new social media guidelines

The Crown Office has released a new set of guidelines in an attempt to clarify the boundaries between free speech and illegality on social media in Scotland. Satirical or mildly offensive comment will of course remain legal, however, the new guidelines reinforce the illegality of hate crime, stalking and threats of violence. Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland commented that as a rule of thumb, it is as simple as, “if it would be illegal to say it on the street, it is illegal to say it online.”

3. McDonald’s equips fans to send ‘Knitmas Greetings’

McDonald’s has launched an interactive piece allowing users to create and share personalised stockings. The responsive site encourages users to select a greeting, pick a yarn for the stocking and some seasonal decoration to finish it off. A handful of lucky sharers will even have their actual stocking knitted and delivered in time for Christmas. And of course, after all that creativity McDonald’s festive menu is just a click away to really get those taste buds tingling…


4. Twitter improves processes for reporting abuse

After several high-profile news stories concerning abuse on the network, Twitter has streamlined the steps required for users to report such content. Over the next few weeks, the reporting procedure will become more mobile-friendly, with less information required and users able to report cases not directly involving them. The network will also employ more staff to deal with cases and decide whether to temporarily or permanently suspend perpetrators’ accounts.

5. Branded Vine inspiration

With only six seconds to play with, Vine offers brands the opportunity to present products and ideas in fresh and exciting ways. A well-made Vine will see reloops in the thousands and boost a brand’s Twitter visibility considerably. Econsultancy has rounded up 25 of the best branded Vines from November, including content from Lacoste, Converse and Oreo – perfect inspiration for those looking to produce some innovating festive content…