Back to the Future day – as it happens

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October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly et al visit in Back to the Future 2 via their time travelling Delorean. To celebrate, the internet took to photoshop with gusto to create it’s own homages and takes on how the future really turned out.  Warning: contains hoverboards.

Deezer got into the groove

Deezer treated us to a Back to the Future playlist. 80s-tastic. Yes please!

Thanks a bunch, Arena Flowers

Loving the play on words from the guys at Arena Flowers

Suffolk Police fall back

Suffolk Police used the day to remind Suffolk folk about the clocks going back. Important stuff…

DWP gets serious

Even the Department of Work & Pensions got in on the action with this reminder about pensions (let’s just hope people read the copy on the image).

Savvy get motoring

Our neighbours at Savvy Media went back to the future with this outdoor creative to celebrate…

Savvy BTTF small


From Russia with love

The Russian Embassy got involved to ask important diplomatic questions…

The Doctor returns

SyFy UK got the ACTUAL Doc Brown involved to flog the box set. Yes, we are tempted…

How-to guide from the Indy

The majority of our office is too young to remember the film the first time round, so The Independent has commissioned Chris the Simpson’s Artist to fill those knowledge gaps…

Toyota go large

Toyota has enlisted both Doc & Marty to help promote the Mirai. Check out #ToyotaMirai for more BTTF jinx.

No smoke without fire

London Fire Brigade used BTTFD to give a serious warning about fires caused by dodgy chargers on modern day ‘hoverboards’.

Paypal get geeky

Paypal treated us to some geeky (but fascinating) facts about the film…

Borussia go bonkers

German footy legends Borussia Dortmond got their striker in futuristic garb on a hoverboard. Wunderbar!

A dose of realism from Angry Britain

A few people were not happy about the lack of standard-issue hoverboards. Angry Britain was no exception…

A bit of a let down?

And some were less than impressed with our modern gadgets…

Phone-y stuff from Evian

The water kings remind us of the days when a smart phone was one that looked nice, rather than did things…

It’s a cover up from USA Today

USA today dedicated it’s entire front page to recreation of the one from the film. Bravo!

Eat, sleep, rehydrate, repeat

Pizza Express lay claim to the pizza rehydration meme. Let’s hope no one got hurt in the process…

By Royal decree

Royal Dutch Airlines jumped on the trend with its ‘we don’t need roads’ tweet. Loving the attention to detail on the watch & denim jacket…

It’s a Bullseye!

Iconic 80s TV Show Bullseye also got in on the action. Offering a DeLorean as a grand prize…

Stay classy

Classic FM played a blinder with  Bach-to-Back banter…

It’s all going south

South West Trains injected some hilarity into the daily commute with this message on the station signs…

Good sports

BBC Sport used BTTFD to rethink the outcomes of some iconic sporting moments. Ever wondered what would have happened if  Maradona’s hand of god goal was disallowed? Look no further than their nifty video…

Racking up the RTs

Virgin Trains put out a play on words with Pendolino & created a bespoke hoverboard rack…

The more the Perrier

Another giant in the world of water, Perrier, has also jumped on the bandwagon with this lovely looking hoverboard homage, featuring a bottle of the fizzy stuff…

Ello ello ello

The social team at West Yorkshire Police threw their hats into the ring with this Facebook post. We love the message to the haters in the comments section. You go Sgt Artis!

West Yorks Police back to the future

Check out this check in

Swarm got in on the action with this addition to the check-in app


Ellie Back to the future

Streetview shenanigans

Google swapped its Streetview Pegman for Doc Brown in a pixel DeLorean for one day only…

Uber and out

Uber teamed with Pepsi Max to offer trips in a futuristic vehicle. Wonder if time travel incurs surge charging?

Are they just doing it?

Nike has whet everyone’s whistles by tweeting Michael J Fox about a BTTFD rendezvous, sending the internet wild with hysterical speculation that they are launching the self-tying trainers…

UPDATE: Nike has indeed created a very limited run of the self-tying trainers (known as Mags don’t you know?) and is releasing some for auction, all proceeds going to Micheal J Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease foundation. Brilliant and lovely stunt. Here’s how it broke on Twitter…

What did you think?

Back to the Future Day divided opinion in our office and we saw some great and not-so-great executions of memes and stunts by a huge number of brands. What did you think? Love it or hate it? Who was the winner and who missed the target?  Let us know by tweeting us at @umpf.