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Studio Stew #4

July 20, 2017 in Creative Roundup

Studio Stew is a round-up of all things creative. A mixing pot of magic from the worlds of design and marketing to digital and PPC. #StudioStew

‘Shot on iPhone’… no, really!

For those who doubted whether the images in Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign were indeed shot on an iPhone… here’s some more adorable proof.

When Instagrammer Francis Olarte shared a snap of his niece, Ava, he probably wasn’t expecting it to be seen by millions of people on huge billboards across the globe.

Buongiorno from Milano! 🇮🇹 Such a lovely place! “Scattate con iPhone di Francis O” Spotted: Ava in Milan, Italy 💦😍 Location: Piazza Virgilio #WhereisBEM #ShotoniPhone #AppleWorldGallery #SunshineEverywhere

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Francis, who was swimming with Ava at the time, was testing out his new water-resistant iPhone 7. How convenient. The shot caught the eye of the chaps at Apple after being posted on social media. Now, Ava can be seen living it large on billboards in Shanghai, Bangkok, London, Malasyia, India, Milan, Toronto and New York.

Olarte’s photos have been used in Apple’s World Gallery before. Since Ava’s shot reached swimming-super-stardom, the man behind the camera has shared some top tips on taking great iPhone pics…

1. Learn how to create stories through photos based on framing and available natural light
2. Be patient. Learn how to wait for the right moment.
3. Don’t be afraid to try. Using different angles and perspectives will create memorable shots.

Our Little Bem @blissfulvava in the famous Notting Hill district in London. Thank you @khalij for sending me this photo. It made my day! Spotted: Ava in London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Location📍: Notting Hill #WhereisBem #ShotoniPhone #AppleWorldGallery #SunshineEverywhere 📱👧🏻💦

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#whereisBEM in Singapore 🇸🇬 #ShotoniPhone 📱

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No Hands V-Dub

Volkswagen’s clever new car feature is accompanied by a clever new campaign. The ‘Easy Open Trunk’ allows you to open the boot of your car with your feet, if you have your hands full.

(Cue mental image of ninja style raise-foot-to-boot-handle balancing act)

How does it work? A sensor in the car recognizes the key nearby (in your pocket or bag), then all you have to do is swing your foot under the rear bumper and open pops your boot!

DDB Berlin devised a series of print ads to promote this, depicting keys in the shape of people with their hands occupied. The people are holding boxes, babies and shopping, with strapline “No hands, no problem.” Simple yet sweet, right?


It’s all an illusion

Sticking with print ads, here’s another eye-catcher. Winning Bronze Lions in print and outdoor at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, JBL’s ads for noise-cancelling headphones use striking illustration and negative space to great effect.

The campaign titled Block Out The Chaos by agency Cheil Worldwide (Hong Kong) depicts crying children, a shouty mother-daughter moment and two angry looking dogs.


The white space a silhouette of the JBL headphones, and the user wearing them is revealed in a moment of complete zen, despite the turmoil unfolding around them.

The 3D character illustrations were created by Bangkok-based CGI studio Illusion.


Very important safety announcement brought to you by… Giphy.

In an attempt to promote good etiquette and safety awareness amongst Boston’s commuter rail riders, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) have announced that public service announcements will now take the form of gifs.

Outdoor media company Outfront Media is providing the service which they hope will provide “friendly and easy to understand public service announcements”.

Launching in Copley Station and rolling out across all Outfront displays in the MBTA area, the gifs intend to earn commuter’s attention. Andy Sriubas, Outfront’s executive vice president said, “We’re thrilled that our platform is empowering the MBTA and Giphy to distribute gif-based content in a new context,
“We hope MBTA riders will appreciate the fun, lighthearted way that we are sharing these messages.”



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