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Studio Stew #3

June 15, 2017 in Creative Roundup

Studio Stew is a round-up of all things creative. A mixing pot of magic from the worlds of design and marketing to digital and PPC. #StudioStew

7 Million Snazzy Jars


Nutella is spreading some fun (😏) with the production of 7 million unique jars of chocolatey-hazelnut goodness.

The stunt uses an algorithm to print colourful limited-edition designs, each one different.

We’ve seen similar campaigns from Coke and Absolut before, they produced 2 million and 4 million customised bottles respectively. Working with Nutella, Ogilvy & Mather topped them both with a run of 7 million jars, which sold out within one month.

Ogilvy says, “Could Nutella be even more unique? We think so. We think Nutella can be as special and expressive as every single one of its customers.”

The launch was supported by a TV advert, online video and a digital activation allowing fans to create a customised video celebrating someone unique.


Delta Air Lines has partnered with dating app Tinder for its latest campaign in New York. Scenes from nine exotic destinations have been printed on a wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, allowing singletons to snap selfies for their Tinder profiles, appearing like attractive jet-setters.

The wall provides backdrop images from Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow and Zurich – accompanied by cheeky illustrations by Andrew Rae.


For those selfie takers looking to fake it ’til they make it boost their dating credentials, the wall is available throughout the summer, or they can attend an event on 17 June to be snapped on their ‘travels’ by a professional photographer.

The campaign, steered by Wieden & Kennedy New York, was inspired by the prominence of travel pics on dating profiles, and works to promote the fact that Delta flies from New York to more destinations than any airline.

Nike Badge of Honour

Nike China has created a set of comic strip plasters that are free with Nike ‘young athlete’ products at selected stores.

The Badge of Honour campaign by Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai is designed to encourage parents in the Chinese market to let their kids play sport and have fun, whilst quashing concerns of them getting hurt.

Ian Toombs, executive creative director at W&K Shanghai said, “The idea is incredibly simple: Overprotective parents are afraid to let their children play hard. Our solution is the Nike ‘Badge of Honor’. They’re bandages, they’re stickers, they’re non-conventional storytelling devices—and ultimately they are a product kids will want.”

Four sets of plasters are available, for basketball, running, football and skateboarding. Each depicts a comic book style tale of young athletes (i.e. a tin girl, an alien, a zombie and a T-Rex) who played hard, fell, and found the courage to carry on… Interesting.


Anything You Can Do, I Can Do…

Nike rival Adidas has also turned to cartoon, this time with an animated video ad. Created by director Nico Livesey and Illustrator Stevie G, the video features footballing superstars Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Luis Suarez and Roberto Fimino as cartoon heroes.

Two very different approaches to the use of cartoons, but who did it best? We’ll let you decide…

Artificially Intelligent Artist

How well can you draw? Do your scamps let you down? Does your cat doodle look more like a cactus? Your prayers have been answered, my friend.

AutoDraw, built by Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips along with Google Creative Lab, pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to create instant visuals, using just your doodles. Enjoy!

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