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Studio Stew #1

May 11, 2017 in Creative Roundup

Studio Stew is a round-up of all things creative. A mixing pot of magic from the worlds of design and marketing to digital and PPC. #StudioStew

Bubbles From a Body Bottle, Anyone?

Ever looked at your shower gel and thought, “I’m not sure about this product. The bottle just does not represent my being at all”? Yes? Well… worry no more! Dove are releasing a limited edition set of Body Wash bottles. Created by Ogilvy London, the packaging has been adapted to represent a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to celebrate Dove’s longstanding campaign for body-diversity.

On a serious note, the campaign casts an important spotlight on issues facing much of today’s society and, at least, reignites conversations around body image and self-confidence.

In a statement Dove said, “Every woman’s version of beauty is different, and if you ask us, these differences are there to be celebrated.”

They added, “We’ve championed this version of beauty for the past 60 years, and celebrated diverse women in our groundbreaking real beauty campaigns. But we wanted to bring this to life through our products, too.”

As always, social media folk also had a thing or two to say on the matter…

Your Eyes Will Go Square

Digital Video Image

According to eMarketer, UK adults will spend almost one hour per day watching digital videos this year. Television still accounts for the majority, with adults watching three hours of TV each day.

The forecast for 2017 is the first ever predicted by eMarketer. They anticipate that over the next 12 months, adults will spend more than 27 minutes each day watching videos on mobiles alone.

Consumption of digital content via smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartTVs continues to rise, whilst time spent on traditional broadcast TV is seeing an impact due to the growth of TV-like content on other platforms.

Note To Clients: Please Refrain From Submitting Briefs Via Text

Dave Blackhurst isn’t the first creative to be briefed via text message. We’ve all been there. Not so often though, would this message become the actual advert. That’s what happened for the Friars Pub in Bridgnorth… or so it seemed.

Pub Poster

The simple poster became a Twitter hit when it was placed next to the pub’s front door last week. However, Blackhurst’s work is not as ‘lazy’ as you’re led to believe. In fact, its rather crafty. The 61-year-old copy editor and proof-reader admits he doesn’t even own a smartphone. He explained, “I was thinking about [the assignment], walking around town, whether to do a ’60s style, a ’30s style, but I thought it has all been done before.”

He went on to say, “The irony is I don’t have a smartphone, I have a Nokia C2, so it took me about three minutes to come up with the idea but a few hours to put it together with an online message generator and Photoshop.”

We love you too, Dave xx

#SilverFox Morph Looks Good At 40

In celebration of Morph’s 40th birthday, animation studio Aardman has revealed a series of emojis for iPhone.

Aardman co-founder Peter Lord sculpted the emojis by hand before using motion graphics and animation to bring them to life.

Portraying a variety of emotions (and even the popular poop emoji), the Morph pack is available to download for free from the App Store.


Looking To Hire? Get Bloody Creative


An art director has created a series of agency-themed Bloody Mary mixes in bid to land her dream job. American-born Jessica Stahl, who recently moved to Amsterdam, came up with the idea to grab the attention of the city’s top five agencies.


Stahl has described the Get Bloody Creative project as, “a way to provide something of value to advertising execs in Amsterdam while simultaneously showing off my talent,”

The website also reads, “Now when you roll into work feeling like shit on a Friday morning you can nurse your hangover and restore your creativity to its full potential,”

… Are you implying that agency life involves a lot of alcohol, Jessica? 😏

The stunt is yet to pay off and earn Stahl a gig at one of her desired agencies, but that doesn’t detract from its innovation and creativity. Everything from the mini-Nikes to the bespoke boozy concoctions were put together single-handedly by Stahl herself. I’ll take one of each, please.

Get Bloody Creative

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