Ronnie Pickering

    Yesterday, Ronnie Pickering was just an angry man from Hull.  Today, Ronnie Fucking Pickering is an Internet sensation.

    Here’s the skinny.

    Last week, Steve Midz was riding his motorbike in Hull when he was repeatedly honked by the driver (Ronnie Fucking Pickering) of a red Citroen Picasso, travelling behind him.

    The ensuing road rage episode was caught on the biker’s headcam and uploaded to YouTube (“What, with that little thing?”).  And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Here’s how it’s playing out on Twitter…

    The Christina Perri Ronnie Pickering remix

    Channel 4 lumps in

    Ronnie Spice

    Ronnie Balboa

    “Bare-knuckle fight?”


    The Who?

    Straight Outta

    Alan Partridge

    Ronnie Pickering Mega-Mix


    You know you’ve ‘gone viral’ when you’re in Google’s autofill

    ronnie fucking pickering

    Hull Royal Infarmary Picker-Wing


    Christmas Lights Out